WEDDING TIP: Authentically get to know your wedding photographers before you say yes!

Get to know your wedding photographers.

We think you should get to know your wedding photographers before you say yes to working with them. If you follow us on our blog or Instagram stories you have probably seen how obsessed we are with truly getting to know our couples… and for good reason. To artistically tell someone’s love story we need to know what their story is. We need to see how they interact with each other.  HOW THEY LOVE. In a very short period of time, we need to soak in as much info about them as we can. AND we need to allow them to get to know us; develop trust and a real relationship.

get to know your wedding photographers Groom

Why? – So we can capture photos that are authentically relaxed, carefree, fun, full of love and enduring.

You can’t just fake it on the wedding day in front of a stranger with a camera. The camera sees it all. A real relationship with your photographer produces photos which are effortless and a true reflection of your two souls.


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