June 11, 2020

How to gracefully request an unplugged wedding 


Unplugged…we admit its a word that gives us a brief moment of panic when we hear it. We rely on so much technology, social networking and plugged in communication that living without it would be extremely difficult. However, all this technology can have a downside when it comes to a “picture perfect” wedding day.

So how exactly does a guests taking a photo with their phone or iPad put a huge damper on wedding photos.

  1. Unfortunately most guest don’t turn off the flash on their phone or pad when taking a photo. The flash from a phone or pad interferes with professional photos because their flash is adding an unexpected harsh light to the photo making the professional photo overexposed.
  2.   This one in particular is so upsetting to our brides and we totally understand why. Sometimes friends or family members may spring into the dressing room to say hello, share some love or well wishes. All with very good intent. They see the bride in her dress and request to grab a photo. Then, with excitement, joy and a purely good intention to share how beautiful the bride is, they post the photo on their social media before the 1st look or start of the wedding. And you know what is next... the groom accidentally sees his bride in her wedding dress on social media before he gets to see her in person.
  3. Another issue with everyone having their phones out to snag a photo is  what we refer to as “wondering eyes” in family photos and group photos. This happened because several guest will sneak up behind us to try and grab the group shot we just set up and instead of looking at us they are looking at the friends and family behind us.  No one knows who to look at since everyone has their phones out.
  4. Phone photo bomb…this is the top regret for most couples when it comes to phones being held up during their wedding ceremony. They always cringe when they see a guest in their photos holding up a phone or iPad to take a pic. The reason why stems from love, couples want their guest to be present in the moment, to have their hearts and minds in it. Seeing friends and family on their phones or iPads trying to grab a great pic to share on social media rather the being in the moment for a brief second crushes their souls. It hurts.

How do you gracefully request an unplugged wedding.
We recommend asking your officiant,  pastor or priest to make an announcement before the wedding ceremony begins. One that goes a little something like this…

 “Family + Friends
Dan and Jennifer invite you to be truly present at this special time. Please, turn off your cell phones and put down your cameras. I encourage you all to capture how it feels with your hearts, without the distraction of technology.”

Truly present and capturing the moment with your heart! Putting down the phone and entering into a moment with ones entire being is the most freeing feeling in the world.

I remember going camping with Brandon when we first got married 10 years ago. We both agreed to put down our phones for the entire trip, It was then that I felt the freedom of unplugging for the first time in what seemed ages. It was absolutely amazing! I never knew just how freeing it could be. So now, whenever we attend a get together with friends, go on a date night together, a walk in the park with the dogs or basically anything that involves us relaxing and entering into the present of what we are doing, we unplug. We enter in with our whole selves and it has made all our relationships and free time even better.

Where am I going with this? I feel there are a handful of things that are much more exciting and alive when there unplugged; for example: music unplugged, comedy unplugged or family reunion unplugged (trust me on that) such an awesome experience. I really think a wedding can be one of those amazing events that is so much more alive when everyone is there, present and unplugged.

Look at it this way, if we’re your photographers (wink wink, a cleaver plug) you have no worries, we will capture all the special moments so everyone can rest at ease. And… this way when they see your photos they will say, OMG I remember that – that was so much fun. Instead of them missing it because they were plugged in.

It’s totally your day and your call, and since you and your man are throwing the big party why not have everyone unplug and enjoy all your hard work, long hours, beautiful details and tasty food you put into this amazing day.

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