February 6, 2020

WEDDING TIP: Carefully Select the People Around You AKA – your bridal party


As a bride or groom it is so easy to get stressed out if someone you don’t really know well, or someone you don’t get along with is in your bridal party. It is equally as stressful if you have 10 people you LOVE in your bridal party, but for you, being around 10 people all at a time is overwhelming. And you may be thinking, why would someone I don’t really know or get along with be in my bridal party anyways? And why would I add more people them I am comfortable with?

This is what we have heard over the years…

• I had to ask them to be in the bridal party because if I didn’t my family would have killed me.

• My soon-to-be in-laws would have been upset if I did not ask _________ to be in the bridal party.

• Our bridal party number was uneven so we had to add someone last min.

• We didn’t want anyone to feel left out.

• I found out __________ was offended that we did not ask them to be in our bridal party.

•We have so many friends and could not choose.

We totally get it. There is a lot of pressure when it comes to selecting your bridal party. We also totally understand that emotions get fully wrapped up in it too.

However, we urge you to keep in mind that these folks will be spending all day with you getting ready and being candidly snapped. Your space for the day is also their space. Which is why picking the friends and family who make you feel (and look) amazing, confident and joy filled is so important. The last thing you want is to be sitting in the bathroom crying and stressed out because your bridal party is making the day stressful.

Extra Person or Persons Resolutions
So then, how can you add in a few people to your wedding day and make sure they feel special without adding them to the bridal party?

We got you boo!

  1. Include them in the wedding ceremony. For instance they can read during the ceremony, greet guest as they come in and also hand out programs.
  2. Have an honored guest table for special family + friends.
  3. Have them be apart of a special first look moment only for special family + friends.
  4. Put them in charge of a specific task for the wedding day like greeting guest at the reception, handing out guest favors, inviting guest to sign the guest book as they arrive, or being head of the dance floor and getting the party started.
  5. If they have a special talent like singing or playing music ask them to do that on your wedding day.
  6. Are they amazing at decorating? Ask them to be apart of helping you select your decorations and allow them to be in charge the day of to make sure the reception room looks amazing.

Side Note: Also your bridal party does not need to be an even number, uneven number actually looks amazing in photos.

We hope all these little tips help. It’s your wedding day, make it what you have always dreamed it would be!

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