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You should think about your ceremony.

Your ceremony photographs will undoubtedly be some of the most treasured shots of your day. Most of our couples, during their grand reveal of their photos, say they were surprised just how much they cherished this part of their day and the photos. Your day will fly by so incredibly fast. You’ll likely not remember a whole lot about it, so these photos are doubly important.

However, most churches + venues insist that the photographers stand at the back of the room the entire time. And for good reason – the focus should be on the two of you not the photographers. And with years of experience we have carefully crafted techniques to capture gorgeous photos with limited mobility. Are you thinking about your ceremony yet?

bride walks with father down aisle of wedding

groom sheds a tear as bride walks down the aisle


We highly suggest that you speak to the one who is officiating your ceremony and find out if there are any limitations beforehand. This way you will know what they are and we will too. Once you know the limitations you can make small arrangements to guarantee some amazing photos, for example:

  1. Ask if you can turn slightly outward towards your guest during your vows and ring exchange.
  2. The officiant can have you face your guest after the ring exchange and introduce you as husband + wife (no kiss yet) just a formal introduction and then continue on with the rest of the ceremony (they may say a few sweet words during your official into an Mr. + Mrs at this time as well).bride and groom exchange the rings  horn photography and design Dahlonega weddinggood reads vows during Think about the ceremony
  3. Another consideration is to politely ask your guests to not take photos during the ceremony (your officiant can announce this before the ceremony begins). Guests holding up mobile phones as you walk down the aisle or flashes going off throughout the vows are only going to be distracting for you and other guests. Yes, the phones do show up as an eye-sore in photos.

BIG BONUS… when guest have their hands “phone free” they can give you high fives as you exit your gorgeous picture perfect ceremony!

Think about the ceremony bride and groom walk down the aisle


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