August 2, 2018

Wedding Tip: For a happy, energized and beyond excited wedding day morning

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Disney Wedding Plans

I remember planning my exciting wedding day morning. In my head I was picturing waking up to hearing birds singing. I pictured opening the window to a warm summer breeze and the smell of fresh flowers. Then dancing and humming my way to the shower, putting on my favorite tunes and feeling happy, energized and beyond excited for my wedding day! Pretty much a Disney princess morning.

And to be honest it was pretty close to that. The only exception was that it was August in FL so the warm summer breeze was more like a summer inferno. But I had lived there for 10 years already so I was used to it. HOWEVER, this picture perfect morning did not come without some advanced planning on my end.

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The Night Before

So… to ensure the morning got off to an AMAZING start (the night before) I turned in early after taking a long hot relaxing bath, sipping on some warm sleepy time tea and cuddling up in bed with a good book. For this reason I also planned my bachelorette party a week before our wedding. I did not want to wake up for my exciting wedding day after being out all night with my girls.  Hanging out with them is always sooo much fun and I would not have gotten to bed early at all.

I also gave myself about 3 hours of quiet time in the morning. Time to wake up, pray with Jesus, sip on warm tea, dance in the shower, dance in my room as I prepared for the day and I even ordered myself a great big breakfast. It was so perfect to start the day off on my terms. From that morning on I was calm, relaxed and truly excited about our entire wedding day. My heart was filled.

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Here is my Recommendation

My recommendation for a happy, energized and beyond exciting wedding day morning is to pamper yourself with some relaxing quiet time the night before. Drink plenty of water the day before and get lots of rest that night. Then the next morning give your self grace. Take some “you time” before everyone arrives and the day gets started. And last but most important, let your heart be filled with love.


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