May 19, 2021

Weekly Wednesday Wedding Tip Episode 020: Guests; Follow the First Dance


This tip is actually for family + friends, a tip that will make the bride and groom feel well loved and supported. During the reception when the first dances take place, we the photogs, are shooting from all angles and you as the guest are in the background of 90% of those photos. When you, the guest, are following the couples first dances and engaging with smiles and eyes on them you look amazing in the background photos. However, if your the guest who is on their phone texting (taking a photos is ok and looks different), have your back to the dance floor or are just not smiling at all and instead have a sour pucker it shows in the photos – not so cute + a little embarrassing.

To avoid being caught on camera in an embarrassing posture just remember to be fully present to what is happening during the wedding, smile and engage. Not only will the couple thank you but so will your heart, mind and soul.

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