May 26, 2021

Weekly Wednesday Wedding Tip Episode 021: Intimate Weddings – The New Norm


2020 ushered in what seems to be a new trend towards smaller more Intimate Weddings. Weddings of 50-100 guests are in. And our couples are LOVING every second of it!!
Intimate Weddings are allowing our couples to to celebrate exclusively with their closest family + friends. And… it is also allowing our couples to have their dream wedding!

So many couples are finding that the bonus of a smaller guest count means having more luxuries. For our brides and grooms this means they get to wear their dream attire on their wedding day. Couples can book the photographers they always wanted (giving them their dream photos). They can also select the best cake baker who makes the best cakes ever! And the list goes on.

But not only that, our couples are finding that a smaller guest count gives them time to truly be present with their family + friends on their wedding day. They get to chat with everyone. Spend time on the dance floor with everyone and enjoy cake with everyone. The feeling of being overwhelmed by an endless amount of guests is gone and replaced with pure joy + amazing memories instead.

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