Why A Wedding Planner? – By Guest Blogger Ivy Marie Ferguson of Ivy Marie Weddings

Brandon and I often get asked by our couples. “do you recommend having a wedding planner?“. The answer is yes, always yes. It makes your life + your wedding sooooo much easier! Wedding planners are LIFESAVERS! Speaking of lifesavers, we wanted to introduce you to Ivy Marie Ferguson with Ivy Marie Weddings. We have worked with Ivy on everything from elaborate gorgeous weddings to beyond stunning styled shoots. Today she wrote a blog post for us that explains all the yummy benefits of having a wedding planner.

Why A Wedding Planner?

Planning a wedding can be a stressful time in a couple’s life. A wedding planner is there to take as much stress away and make sure that the planning process is an enjoyable time. From helping pick out your vendors to making sure the guests find their correct seat for dinner, a planner is with you the entire way. Below are some of the top reasons you should hire a wedding planner.

Help with your budget

A wedding planner will be there to help you create and stay mindful of a wedding budget. Setting a budget for all aspects of your wedding is a must! No matter if the budget is big or small, it will eliminate some stress during the planning process to have a clear plan. Your planner can help you track all of your deposits and payments made along the way to ensure you do not go over the budget. A wedding planner can also help you eliminate unnecessary spending on items for decor or spontaneous purchases that you really do not need.

Helping you pick out the right vendors

Picking vendors and sticking with a planned budget go hand in hand. A planner can research certain vendors within a couple’s budget to ensure they pick the right vendors for their big day. With plenty of connections in the industry, planners can sometimes get special pricing from vendors that the couple would otherwise be unable to receive. There are plenty of wedding vendors in your area so, it is very helpful to weed out the ones that don’t fit your style or vision.

Design and Styling help

This is by far my favorite aspect of being a wedding planner. It can sometimes get a little overwhelming for couples when making design decisions because there are unlimited options. Planners are always up to date on what is trendy and currently in style. Your wedding planner can help you pick out everything from tablecloths to your perfect wedding dress. They will also be there the day of your wedding to make sure your vision is coming out in the vendor’s work. It is good to have someone on your side that isn’t a family member or friend to be present during the setup, you don’t want them to miss the fun either.

Planning can be stressful

There are so many decisions that have to be made while planning a wedding, it can be mind-boggling. A planner will help you keep everything organized and on time so you won’t have anything to stress over. I suggest creating a wedding binder to keep all contracts, invoices and receipts in one place. Take the binder with you to all vendor and planning meetings to better help stay organized. When it comes to the day of your wedding even the calmest couples can become a little stressed. Your planner can make sure that the day goes as smooth as possible so that you can be carefree and enjoy yourself to the fullest.

Day of Coordinating

Having your planner present at your wedding to coordinate the events of the day is a life saver. They can make sure everything stays on time throughout the day, that the reception space is ready to go for the guests arrival and even get you a fresh drink when needed. The last thing you or your family need to be worrying about are all the little details on your wedding day. The planner can attend to the details while you are in the moment with your guests. At the end of the night, your planner can pack away your gifts and suitcases to ensure you are ready to depart with ease.

You deserve to have a stress free wedding day so that you can celebrate the love that you have for your new partner in life. A wedding planner will be there to help you every step of the way and ensure you have the wedding of your dreams.

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