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Safety Harbor Resort Wedding: Andrea + Steven

Ooh……. New York Baby, I’m from New York Concrete jungle where dreams are made of There’s nothing you can’t do Now you’re in New York These streets will make youView full post »

Peaks & Valleys: Birthday Thank You’s

My birthday has finally arrived and I woke up extremely thankful for the blessing of being alive for 37 years. Everyday I owe to a Glorious God who is LOVE, GIVES LOVE + LOVES ME SO. I am His. I amView full post »

The Magic Of The Wedding Day

As wedding photographers we attend a plethora of weddings every year, each one unique and truly magical. It is our job to capture that magic as it unfolds in the moment; from the first look, theView full post »

Our Jobs Don’t Define Who We Are or What We Do

“What do you do?” I have heard this question more times then I can count, as I am sure many of you have too. I have also asked this question to others more times then I want to admit.View full post »

Skype/FaceTime Wedding Consultation 6 Tips

Being a person who grew up state hopping, keeping connected “long distance” became very natural. It used to literally mean picking up the phone dialing the long distance number and thenView full post »

PEAKS & VALLEYS: Tarantula on the loose + Nashville + New Client Space

Ok, living in the national forest has it’s ups and downs. Just yesterday I was tiding up the house getting ready for a friend to come for a visit. As I was sweeping by our large livingView full post »

How We Spot The Hidden Gems

As I walk through the national forest which we now call home, my coffee in one hand a journal in the other, apart of me can’t believe how breathtakingly beautiful it all is. The beauty outView full post »