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Photography Tip: Break the Habit of Chimping

What the heck is chimping… right! Chimping is checking the photo on the back screen of your camera every time you take a photo. I still remember my amateur years of photography. I was always soView full post »

The tone of our voice is the instrument of our soul 

… It’s not what you said, it’s how you said it!”. It’s the tone of our voice This is something Brandon and I work really hard on, all the time. In the heat of a disagreement or even in playfulView full post »


WILLOW CREEK FARM If your looking for a location where your day will began with the sounds of white woolly mama sheep calling to their babies this is totally it!!  Willow Creek Farm is nestled into aView full post »


Time to Relax and Be aware of your body language. Natural looking photos are gorgeous and the key to achieving them is to not over-think your poses (we will do that for you so you don’t haveView full post »


Don’t worry about your dress. Did you just look at this post cross eyed?!?! HAHA I totally get it, it sounds crazy. We want you to not worry about your dress. But here is our tip, afterView full post »

Dewy Light Dahlonega Engagement Shoot: Jaclyn + Jonathan

Beautiful Dewy Light Dahlonega Engagement Shoot There are two sides to every epic love story. If you ask Jonathan they met freshman year of college in Environmental Science with only 6 people in theView full post »

First Birthday Shoot: North Georgia

Super Cute First Birthday Shoot We absolutely love being a part of a couples’ life long love story. It is such a blessing to go from engagement, to wedding, followed by maternity, then newbornView full post »

Thick & Creamy Smooth Almond Milk Recipe

How about the Almond Milk? When people hear that we are vegan they typically ask us, “don’t you miss milk and cheese?”.  But honestly we really don’t. Over the past few yearsView full post »

Wedding Tip For a Stress Free Wedding Day

How to have a Stress Free Wedding Day The last thing you want on your wedding day is to feel stressed, rushed and out of control. Have no worries boo we got ya! Stress free wedding day tip…View full post »

Surprise Proposal in the North Georgia Mountains: Edgar + Corrinne

Waterfall Surprise Proposal This surprise proposal is just glorious. Life is funny the way it moves, the way it intertwines; one soul with another and simultaneously sets both souls on a joined pathView full post »

Big Family Shoot: Dahlonega GA

Big Family Shoot The Leyba family is made up of 10 amazing beautiful individuals. They all have their own unique character, soul, mind and free spirit.  And… the love they share is beyondView full post »

WEDDING TIP: Authentically get to know your wedding photographers before you say yes!

Get to know your wedding photographers. We think you should get to know your wedding photographers before you say yes to working with them. If you follow us on our blog or Instagram stories you haveView full post »

Nine Years Of Marriage

Nine Years of Marriage Dear B, Your my person. Your my best friend. You are the everything right with us. If you were a color, you would be a golden red sunset lighting the sky on fire. If you wereView full post »

Are you a Photographer: Invest In Learning and Less on Gear

Invest in Learning and Less on Gear I remember buying our first professional cameras and thinking WOW this if for real.… We are really doing this. Both of us were super excited. Even though weView full post »

FEATURE: Cake and Lace: Ivy’s Maternity Shoot

Featured on Cake and Lace What can I say? Ivy makes pregnancy look amazing! She just glowed with love and excitement during her maternity shoot with us. She allowed us to document her beautifulView full post »

Wedding Tip: For a happy, energized and beyond excited wedding day morning

Disney Wedding Plans I remember planning my exciting wedding day morning. In my head I was picturing waking up to hearing birds singing. I pictured opening the window to a warm summer breeze and theView full post »