August 7, 2018

Nine Years Of Marriage


Nine Years of Marriage

Dear B,

Your my person.
Your my best friend.
You are the everything right with us.
If you were a color, you would be a golden red sunset lighting the sky on fire.
If you were a forest, you would be the strong redwood forest.
If you were a feeling, you would feel like a warm day with a fresh cool breeze.
If you were an animal, I would imagine you to be an eagle soaring through the sky.

But every day I thank God that you are heart, mind, soul and being. You are so much more than anything I could have dreamed of. The day I put my future in God’s hands he led me to you and I am forever thankful. Thank you for choosing me 9 years ago today. Thank you for being the light in our marriage. Every part of your being is good, so good that light seeps from you so brightly that you light the way through this adventure of life. Your spirit truly reflects our creator and with you by my side heaven feels close enough to touch.

I love you and look forward to 50 plus and counting with you.

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nine years of marriage Brandon picks up Michelle in front of fieldHusband and Wife photography team nine year anniversary shoot north Georgia mountains

With you is the best life ever! Husband and Wife photography team 9 year anniversary shoot north Georgia mountains

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Our Story

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