January 4, 2019

How to create a warm + inviting atmosphere for your Clients during their photography session


Creating that Inviting Atmosphere

Being the main subject in front of a camera for an hour or more can make people feel a little nervous… well let’s say A LOT Nervous. It’s awkward and we totally get it. So here is how to create a warm and inviting atmosphere for your clients.

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Nine years ago when we started our business we would put ourselves in front of the camera as often as we could. We wanted to experience what our clients experienced. We wanted to be in their place, to experience the nerves and the awkwardness of having your photos taken. I remember my first time in front of the camera so well. It took me about 3 hours just to get ready. I’m someone who is typically ready to go in 30 mins, but I wanted our first shoot to be perfect. I wanted my hair and makeup to be perfect. I wanted my outfit to be perfect and I wanted Brandon to look perfect too.  Of course, me wanting Brandon too look perfect too got us in a tiny argument as I was running around like a crazy person. As we finally got into the car to head to the shoot, I felt as if everything was going wrong. I did not look the way I wanted to. I also had upset Brandon and on top of all that I was so nervous to be in front of the camera. My stomach was in knots and my palms were sweating. There I was, a professional photographer and a complete wreck when it came to getting my own photos taken.

So ladies, I feel ya darling!

The good news is, the more and more I embraced the camera and who I am as a woman the easier and easier it became. Today it is easy for me to be in front of the camera. I can get ready for a shoot in 30min. But we (I say we because Brandon carries that memory with him too) will never forget what our first shoot was like… that memory carries into every session we do with our clients. 

We know how you feel.

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Experiencing first hand for ourselves what our clients experience has made us better photographers. Our souls empathize with our clients. We have compassion for their feelings and thoughts. This is deeply rooted in all we do. All of this has translated into our client experience. This experience that is warm + inviting allowing us to document the truest part of their love story.

When our couples arrive to their first session with us here are a few things we do to create a warm + inviting atmosphere:

  1. Welcome them by name with big smiles and warm hugs. 
    During the consultation we establish that we are huggers. So far in 9 years all of our clients have loved hugs! Also there is no sweeter word to anyone’s ears than their own name. So we use our clients names a lot. I personally love when I go into a store that I visit often and the people who work there know my name, it feels so welcoming.
  2. Acknowledge how amazing they look. 
    As I mentioned before, most of us ladies take a lot of time to get ready for a shoot, so knowing that we look beautiful means the world to us! It goes a long way for the guys too.
  3. Walk through what to expect during the session.
    Right from the start we like to release pressure by letting our couples know all they have to do is love each other and we will do all the rest. There is no way they can mess this up. Letting them know that awkward is normal, laughing hysterically is good. All the while laughing at us being goofy is great and falling even more in love with each other during the shoot is beyond perfect!
  4. Start with walking poses.
    Walking gives time to work out the nerves. It is easy, natural and is a fun + very playful way to start the session!

All these have helped us curate an inviting atmosphere while we are on a shoot as one of Atlanta’s wedding photographers.

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