Wedding Tip For a Stress Free Wedding Day

The last thing you want on your wedding day is to feel stressed, rushed and out of control. Have no worries boo we got ya!

Stress free wedding day tip… give yourself plenty of time to get ready. Book your photographers to begin 3 hrs before your ceremony time.

Truth is little things sometimes come up like…
* Hair or makeup taking longer then expected.
* Tears of joy sneaking up as you get into your dress leading to additional touch ups.
* A few quick stitch may be needed on a dress hem or seam last min.
* Lips stick or hairspray may get onto your wedding dress during the final touches and you need a few extra mins to “Shout wipe” it out.
* Or maybe grandma left the “something old” she has for you in her hotel room and needs a few extra mins to retrieve it.

So why book your photogs 3 hours before your ceremony start time?|
Because they are a huge part of your getting ready process.

Brandon and I take 30 min directly upon arrival to stylize and shoot all your wedding details: your dress, shoes, jewelry, an invitations, bouquet, your something new , something old and any other bridal details you have. The next hour is getting into your dress. Trust us, to do this stress free give yourself an hour. This way if any little thing comes up there is no need to panic. Besides that, once you break down the getting dressed into: putting on the dress with the help of your bridesmaids, then moving onto the garter, mom helping you with your neckless/earrings/bracelet, then the
veil and last but not least shoes your looking at lots of time. And this does not even include any hair or makeup touch ups. But you don’t have to take our word for it, we have several brides who can tell you how grateful they are that they planned in extra getting ready time and how it was totally needed!

Once dressed we suggest 30min to take photos with your bridesmaids (besties) while hair and make up is fresh + on point. We typically follow this up with 15min for immediate family photos before the wedding. This is the perfect opportunity to do a first look with dad, have a heartfelt moment with mom and some fun with your siblings.

Then comes the 15 mins for a First Look or No Peeking First Touch with your soon to be. Because that moment is priceless! If you do a first look we follow that up with 30mins of romantic photos of just the two of you. LOVELOVELOVE!

With all that complete we have 30 mins to tuck our brides away as guests arrive, document wedding guest arriving and photography ceremony + reception details before the ceremony begins.

The above is a 3hr pre ceremony layout and man does that time just fly by!! Having shot over 200 weddings I can say without a doubt that getting ready does not happen in 15min or even 30mins. It truly does take time and makes your wedding day that much better when it is not stressful.




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