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San Fernando Cathedral Wedding in San Antonio Texas: Kate + Adam

The weekend right before Christmas Brandon and I had the honor of shooting Kate + Adam’s wedding in San Antonio Texas at the gorgeous San Fernando Cathedral. To tell the truth we normallyView full post »


Happy New Years Eve!! Brandon and I can’t hardly believe how fast this year has come and gone and all the new journey + adventures it has brought our way. The biggest adventure, hands down, hasView full post »

St. Cecelia Catholic Church Clearwater Wedding: Tiffany + Thomas

As the church doors opened wide the warm sunlight gleamed in and there she was, his beautiful bride bedecked in white. She began to walk down the aisle, he was awe struck, his face and heart lit withView full post »

PEAKS & VALLEYS: Snow White Potato Flake Dandruff

Life can be embarrassing, especially when you are rushing around trying to get everything done within a short time frame. Last week Brandon and I decided to take our annual Christmas photo for ourView full post »

Countryside Country Club Wedding: Katie + Tony

It is so fitting that Katie + Tony would get married during Christmas time, after all their love story stared during a winter snow storm! Katie + Tony meet in high school but were just friendsView full post »

The Gray Diaries: Going Gray Gracefully

I recently received some questions about my gray hair, a few peeps saw our annual family photos and noticed that my gray hair was not showing as much. They thought I had dyed my hair again… IView full post »

Brides… Hate the Planning Process, it’s ok!

Dear Brides, You’re not a bad person if you hate the planning process of your wedding. I will repeat that… You’re not a bad person if you hate the planning process of your wedding. This isView full post »

Glory Stories: How God Works in My Life

For quite sometime I have been wanting to start an installment called Glory Stories, to share how God works in my life. However, for several reasons it has taken me forever to start this. For theView full post »

That Time Of year Again… AnnualFamily Photos

Nine Thirty AM annual family photos the day after Thanksgiving. The smell of cinnamon rolls in the oven filled the house, fresh baked breakfast bread with butter waiting on the table, caramel infusedView full post »

PEAKS & VALLEYS: Thanksgiving… The Ultimate Thankful Thursday

Thanksgiving… truly the ultimate Thankful Thursday. This year Brandon and I are hosting Thanksgiving Dinner with the family all here. I am so excited…there will be about 18 of us. We areView full post »

St. Petersburg Yacht Club Wedding: Rosie + Tyler

They met in elementary school, attended the same high school and yes… they are now alumni from the same college.  When love is meant to be, it will be.  For nine years Rosie + Tyler have beenView full post »

Stabbing Pain in His Abdomen + Chest and a breaking Heart In Mine

On september 24th 2015, I received a phone call from my father to wish me happy birthday. But he also had something else to tell me, something sad and scary. This part of the conversation started ofView full post »

Wedding Planner or No Wedding Planner That is the Question

As we walked into the venue to set up our lighting, about an hour before the wedding day excitement began to unfold, the wedding planner greeted us with a warm smile and huge hug. Joy filled my veinsView full post »

The Gray Diaries: Ditching the Dye and Embracing My Silver Strands

YES… I am going for it. Bring it on gray hair! Ever since high school I have been dying my hair, not because of grays, but just for fun. I have had my hair every color you can imagine simplyView full post »

FEATURE: The Celebration Society: MELISSA + AJ

Addiction is what I am told. My husband says I am addicted to chocolate and social media.  But then again who isn’t, I always say. They are two wonderfully amazing inventions!  Adding to myView full post »

Rachel + Andrew Dahlonega Georgia Engagement Session

Rachel + Andrew met here in the tiny quaint little mountain town of Dahlonega Georgia where happiness thrives and a slow southern style graces each day. On one particularly beautiful dayView full post »

Happy Birthday Mom

My beautiful mother…your are classy, sassy, opinionated, funny, a trouble maker at times, loving, concerned about your babies (and believe me we will always be her babies), smart, quite, shyView full post »

Low Light Photograph Tips

On any given wedding day we will find ourselves in a situation where we have very low lighting, typically during the reception. However, if a sunset wedding runs behind schedule for some unforsceneView full post »

The Best Time To Photograph The Flower Girl + Ring Bearer

One of our favorite moments at a wedding is when the flower girl and ring bearer walk down the isle. The guest faces just light up with joy and “Awes” can be heard filling the air. I meanView full post »

How To Improve Your Photography Skills – 3 Tips to Challenge Yourself

A few weeks back I went out with Annie to have some fun shooting + to share with her some helpful photography tips. We talked about a lot of things, how to get lighting adjusted just right, how toView full post »

PEAKS & VALLEYS: Endoscopy Spa Day + Bitmoji Love

If there is one thing I am not a fan of it is having to be the patient for any “procedure”, hospital visit or surgery. It scares me to death! This past Monday I had to go in for anView full post »

5 Things We Would Have Done On Our Wedding Day Knowing What We Know Now As Wedding Photographers

The other day I was looking at our wedding album + reminiscing about our amazing wedding day. I can hardly believe it’s been 6 years and 2 months since we said “I Do”. Time has justView full post »

FEATURED: DIY Weddings Magazine: Julia + John

We are incredibly thrilled to be featured twice in one moth by DIY Wedding Magazine!  Today they have featured Julia + John’s beautiful beach side wedding at Bed on The Beach in Florida. They are oneView full post »

How To Photograph The Wedding Invitations

The first things Brandon and I shoot upon arriving on a wedding day are the brides details: her dress, shoes, jewelry, flowers, invitations, and any other detail items she would like photographed.View full post »

Organic Fall Explosion In Our Home

Living in the small town of Dahlonega GA is absolutely delightful. The springs here are fresh + new with life budding all around, the summers are warm + yellow and the winters are a crisp white. ButView full post »

Villa de Suenos, St. Simons Island Wedding: Erin + David

Four lovely days ago my beautiful sister-in-law Erin and her dashing groom David said “I DO” on St. Simons Island at Villa de Sueños. Erin + David referred to their wedding as AView full post »

Safety Harbor Resort Wedding: Andrea + Steven

Ooh……. New York Baby, I’m from New York Concrete jungle where dreams are made of There’s nothing you can’t do Now you’re in New York These streets will make youView full post »

Peaks & Valleys: Birthday Thank You’s

My birthday has finally arrived and I woke up extremely thankful for the blessing of being alive for 37 years. Everyday I owe to a Glorious God who is LOVE, GIVES LOVE + LOVES ME SO. I am His. I amView full post »

The Magic Of The Wedding Day

As wedding photographers we attend a plethora of weddings every year, each one unique and truly magical. It is our job to capture that magic as it unfolds in the moment; from the first look, theView full post »

Our Jobs Don’t Define Who We Are or What We Do

“What do you do?” I have heard this question more times then I can count, as I am sure many of you have too. I have also asked this question to others more times then I want to admit.View full post »

Skype/FaceTime Wedding Consultation 6 Tips

Being a person who grew up state hopping, keeping connected “long distance” became very natural. It used to literally mean picking up the phone dialing the long distance number and thenView full post »

PEAKS & VALLEYS: Tarantula on the loose + Nashville + New Client Space

Ok, living in the national forest has it’s ups and downs. Just yesterday I was tiding up the house getting ready for a friend to come for a visit. As I was sweeping by our large livingView full post »

How We Spot The Hidden Gems

As I walk through the national forest which we now call home, my coffee in one hand a journal in the other, apart of me can’t believe how breathtakingly beautiful it all is. The beauty outView full post »

Wedding Photography – Scouting the Location + Undiscovered Beauty

We arrived to the venue early to be welcomed with victorian vaulted ceilings, a swanky 1020’s speakeasy in the center of the lobby and a forest backdrop draped with a canopy of trees drippingView full post »

Failure is beautiful… Say What?

I was 9 years old and couldn’t ride a bike without training wheels. I remember my Father spending endless summer days running behind me pushing my bike, he would let go and… crash I wouldView full post »

Reviewing My 2015 New Years Resolutions

Each year, about mid way threw, I like to sit on the porch, this year by our garden, with a cup of tea and review my new years resolutions to see how many I accomplished and where I need to workView full post »